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Trash Can 24 Inches Tall

This trash can is a perfect addition to your vintage expanding metal mesh patio. This can accommodate items as large as apples and grapes. It is also huge for items that are not expandable metal mesh. This can is a great addition for the home owner or business owner who want to create a large and recognizable recycling bin.

Best Trash Can 24 Inches Tall

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Trash Can 24 Inches Tall Walmart

This trash can is a vintage expandable metal mesh can that will fit in any room of the house. It is 24 inches tall and will take up no space. This can is a great for leaving food or trash out for when need comes. It is also great for keeping the kitchen clean or being able to pack for a trip. this vintage expandable metal mesh trash can is a great addition to any room. The 24 in inches tall can holds a lot of trash making it a perfect storage addition. The large size can also be used as a centerbin or pantry space. This can of trash can also comes with a mesh layer that helps keep the dirt and dust out. This can is made of heavy metal and plastic so it will last for many years. this vintage expandable mesh trash can is a great addition to your reloaded community. This piece is sure to be a asset in your trash can world. this vintage- expandable metal mesh trash can is perfect for your outside space - it has 24 inches of height add some personality to your environment with this fun and trendy trash can.